May 24th, 2011 – Class with Dr. Renee

Erwan and I took the class with Dr. Renee today. Very useful as always. Couple of things to remember:

  1. Turn off the TV even if you think your child is not watching. It is still a background noise that the child needs to tune out in order to concentrate on something else she/he is doing.  It also creates a negative habit to ignore surrounding sounds in order to complete the task currently doing.
  2. There is no TV that will benefit a child before at least 2 years old. Period.
  3. Scaffolding: Parent should guide the child with questions when solving the problem but not providing answers for him. Let the child struggle to figure out himself. Less talk is better.
  4. Describe if something is done well (“You work hard to complete this puzzle) rather then label it (i.e. “God job”)
  5. For 20 min each day engage in Floor Play – Let the child lead, play by his rules

About Sandra

Mother of Stella (3 years old) and baby Ana born on 05/03/2011. Full time working mum as a Sr Project Manager for largest US health insurance company - WellPoint. Married to Erwan Dapoigny
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