Oct 9th – Weekend activity

Saturday: We missed the Yoga class this weekend due to another traffic jam on the Rock Creek Park. Ah, well ..next time. I made a metal note to my self that we should leave in dawn. Therefore, we decided to return back home and after Stella’s nap and my 2pm conf call I went to wake Stella up. The drama came from nowhere: no pants were comfortable enough for Stella to sit (she will test each one of them). Even the one that passed “the confi-test” couple of hours ago,  did not work anymore. After 5th pants and Dad’s intervention I had about enough, ditched all the free choice strategy and decide to go with cute pair of jeans. As you can imagine, this was followed by hysterical scene. In order to calm Stella down I decided it was time for Stella, Asha and I to take a walk. And there we went for dog walk. First 10 min were pretty miserable but then I pointed to Magnolia tree and how the seeds are now red and falling out and the rest of our walk we end up collecting “material” (seeds, leaves, flowers and berries) for our Project. More on the final outcome of the  project on Sunday. The day finished by reading Zmaja Jogu.  🙂 (Stella je kumovala novom imenu za Zmaja Jovu) .


(1) In the morning we made a tent. Tent became a plane after some time, with cookies, books and a bear as a 1st class passenger.

(2) Then Dad and Stella worked in the garden

3) Finally Stella and I completed our Project from yesterday. Here is the outcome

The day finished with Veera’s Birthday party. It was a good day overall


About Sandra

Mother of Stella (3 years old) and baby Ana born on 05/03/2011. Full time working mum as a Sr Project Manager for largest US health insurance company - WellPoint. Married to Erwan Dapoigny
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